WordPress 2.3 Easy Upgrade Tutorial

WordPress 2.3 has been launched by September 24th. Nowadays most of my readers ask me about the guidelines of an easy WordPress upgrade.

Well, before answering this question, let me tell you something. Before upgrading to a newer version, you should wait for a few months and see whether it is operating smoothly or not. Every time a new version is launched, it usually comes with bugs. These bugs are mostly discovered by end users during the first few months of the release and then fixed by the developers of WordPress. Better late, than never!

Having said that, it is up to you to upgrade to WordPress 2.3. But i must warn you at the beginning that any upgrade that involves database changes should be undertaken carefully, and preparation is key to a successful upgrade.

Typically, most webmasters install custom themes and additional plugins, and of course they upload extra files such as images to their /wp-content/uploads folder. You need to back up and store them off server before starting the upgrade process. Also you should backup the database itself.

How to Back Up Your Site?

Backing up your site is best achieved by installing the BackUpWordpress plugin. You are free to download the plugin and see the instructions from here. You may then select the default backup options which will create a compressed file of your complete site including files and database. If anything does go wrong it should be relatively easy to restore this and import your database into MySQL using phpMyAdmin or your host’s preferred database manager.

Once you are certain your site has been backed up, you’re ready to start preparing for the upgrade.

Are your Plugins and Chosen Theme Compatible with WordPress 2.3?

Most modern themes shouldn’t cause any problem except that non v2.3 themes may not include the tags code needed to make use of the new tags feature of WordPress 2.3. This is a relatively simple update to make, and simply involves adding extra php code to the theme’s index.php and single.php.

Open index.php and single.php in your favorite text editor and search for the following code , and simply add the following code before or after depends on where you want the tags will be displayed (before or after your article).

The plugins used in your site will need to be checked against the list of compatible plugins. Any plugin that isn’t compatible will likely not work correctly or at all. You may need to contact the plugin author for an update or discontinue using that plugin until an update is available.

You should now be ready to upgrade your installation to WordPress 2.3, and if your host provides wget functionality simply copy the zip file to your server then unzip them directly into your WordPress folder. If wget isn’t available to you, then you’ll need to download the zip file and use an ftp client to upload the unzipped files.

Once you’ve uploaded your WordPress files, make sure your WordPress 2.3 compatible theme is uploaded to /wp-content/themes. Did you need updated plugins? Upload these to /wp-content/plugins. You should now be ready to initiate the WordPress update script.

Navigate to the admin section of your site, WordPress will automatically recognize that an upgrade is required. Once completed, and if all has gone to plan, you should be able to login to Dashboard without any difficulty.

Should you have any problems, i am here to assist you. Please tell me about your upgrade experiences. Join my RSS subscriptions in order to be informed about the new and more detailed WordPress coverage. Good Luck!

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  1. Well, I try this twice and it was failed. My category duplicated and after I backup. All the post miss-categorized. I have to redo all the post!

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    I wish you good luck. In case you need help, please contact me.

  3. Nvm, I think I am still cool with current version :) thanks!

  4. merkal2005

    I think so, it is better to wait for some last minute changes every time a new version is launched :) Good decision!

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