Are you looking for an easy to use software to create step by step tutorials/guides? With ScreenSteps you can easily create software instructions.

Since very long time I have been looking for a software to create blog tutorials. I found that with ScreenSteps I can not only create blog tutorials, but also post them to my WordPress blog.

You can check below intro videos to get familiar with ScreenSteps:

Quick Intro Video (short) – 1:45
Quick Intro Video (long) – 5:13
Creating Manuals With ScreenSteps – 5:15

How To Create A Tutorial With ScreenSteps in 5 Steps

  1. First download and install the software : Download version 2.1 for Windows: ScreenSteps.exe
  2. Watch all the Intro movies to get familiar with the software
  3. Open the software or website you are going to create a tutorial about
  4. Use the  screen capture tool to start creating your step by step tutorial
  5. Export it as PDF, HTML, or post it to your blog

Start using free trial for 30 days. Standard edition is only for $39.95 per user. I will be providing blog lessons with ScreenSteps starting from this week. I am sure these lessons will make my blog much more interesting especially for the beginner level bloggers.


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Starting from this week, i will be sharing some tips & tricks regarding WordPress which will eventually make you a better WordPress user. I will be glad to learn from your experiences, too. Please share your secret WordPress tricks with me and my readers. Knowledge grows when it is shared.

Expand Your Text Editor

Did you know that you can expand your text editor in WordPress ? Advanced version of the text editor can also be used to write posts. For some reason this option isn’t enabled by default nor is there a box in any of the options to make it appear. You have to know the “secret code”.

So what is the secret code then?

Ctrl + Alt + V Just press that key combination when you are in the “Write” section of your wordpress blog. The text editor will then look like this :


Add a Simple Forum to Your WordPress Blog

Sounds great, ha ? It can easily increase the interaction with you and your readers. Did you know that there is a plugin to do this ? It is called RS Discuss.

Installing RS Discuss is very easy. All you need is to upload the plugin file to your WordPress plugin directory and then activate it. You can even add administrators, moderators in your WordPress forum, just goto the RS Discuss menu and edit the user settings. Really cool!

Get WordPress RS Discuss

Use Fresh New WordPress Themes

Everything changes, nothing remains without change.” – Budha Quotes

Don’t stick to your old theme too long. A fresh, good looking theme can change your blog’s popularity dramatically. Here are some fresh new free WordPress themes, that have popped up around the blogosphere:

1Blog Theme:

[Demo and Theme Page]

Portrait Press:

[Theme Page] [Preview]


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I would like to start this part by asking you a question: Why Plugins? Why i stressed the importance of Plugins when talking about a WordPress blog?

Plugins are very important for your small business blog. Assuming that you are creating a blog to make money then you need to understand how critical it is to monetizing your blog. Plugins function to interest in your pages and provide extended functionality. The ability to post a comment via email may increase the traffic.

At the beginning you need to decide how you will make money from your WordPress blog. You have a few options like:

  • Digital products (eBooks)
  • Shopping cart
  • CafePress
  • On-Line Surveys
  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate Programs

Actually there are many other options when it comes to making money from your blog. Sky is the limit. Just use your imagination and find some creative ways to make money from your blog. You can make money from your blog, while using it as a billboard for announcing the latest developments regarding your company.


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