The Evolution Of Search For Blogging

Today I read a great blog post titled The Evolution of Blogging by Om Malik. According to Om, blogging needs to evolve because the nature of content sharing or publishing have changed drammatically. Services like Twitter and FriendFeed have made content sharing easier. But the blogging platforms like WordPress are still way behing this change. I certainly agree with Om Malik.

Om’s post remind me that since very long time I did not publish any post to my blog. I was on a holiday. Well, frankly speaking, for a problogger almost everyday is a holiday if you are well organized. I consciously stopped and thought about the evolution of Search For Blogging for a while. Finally I decided to focus more on blog monetization, problogging issues and SEO during the post-summer season.

Due to economic crisis many people are trying to make money online, and hopefully, become a problogger. There are several blog coaching programs that claim to teach people how to become a problogger.  I also joined one of these programs (Blog Mastermind by Yaro Starak) in 2007. I really learnt a lot from his program. I succeeded because I had a very big motivation: Escape from my boring daily job!

If you don’t have a big desire or motivation to become a problogger, these programs will never help you become a problogger. First of all you need to find a big motivation to become a problogger.

In the new season of Search For Blogging I want to inspire and motivate people to find their own motivation to become a problogger. My posts will mainly focus on this.

What is a Problogger?

It is a critical question you need to find an answer before you start this journey. A problogger is someone who gets his/her economic freedom by doing blogging related internet business. No boss, no managers. Only you, your audience and your business. You still depend on your sales and sponsors, but needless to say that you are in a much more comfortable mood than before.

However, if you are someone who is not well organized, freelance working (that is what probloggers do!) is not suitable for you. I have never heard of any blog coaching that is accepting students according to their organization skills. Have you heard?

So just be careful before you jump on any of these programs. Start developing skills needed to become a problogger. Think about how you are going to spend your days when you become a problogger. Think about building your own blog monetization methods. You will have to learn how to control your own budget as well.

No worries, I will be right here to tell you about the real facts of problogging. First and the most important fact: it is not so easy to become a problogger, and also, continue as a problogger.

We will talk more about problogging related issues in this new season…


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  1. If any blog coaching starts then it is really helpful for new bloggers. Very interesting and helpful post. Thanks

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