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  • Another WordPress Theme giveaway to one lucky participant. You can win a Block Magazine WordPress Theme for your blog by simply joining this activity : Win a Block Magazine WordPress Theme. I will also join this contest as i believe my current theme has done a great job so far. However i need a better one to improve my performance.
  • If you are looking for a good list of WordPress plugins, then i suggest you to take a look at The best of and most useful WP plugins. Plugins are listed as comments, posts, RSS etc. Awesome resource especially for the newcomers.
  • Have you recently upgraded to WordPress 2.3.1? Do you face with some problems since the upgrade ? Then i suggest you to check The Radical Blogger’s WordPress 2.3.x woes. He is giving some good advices on how to overcome WordPress problems after the upgrade.

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As I read the pages of Search For Blogging, I found an important issue about blogging. As usual, webmasters makes their own websites, but to a certain point they have to write their own topic, essay or blog. So, I wanted to give some information about writing a formal essay. You can think that this will be a very easy topic but today’s world, literature has a great importance.With the importance of the sentences in your blog, the quality of the blogs had been increased a lot since 2000. Please read and use the basic steps on your following blogs.

A formal essay will include at least 3 paragraphs. (Opening, Body and Conclusion Paragraph)Before writing your essay, please read the Starting Point section.

Starting Point

- Plan: You should either brainstorm or outline what you intend to do according to the issue.

- Point of view should be third person in academic essays unless you are using personal experience in your writing.


Opening Paragraph

- Thesis statement – the focus of your essay. This should catch the attention of the reader.

Body Paragraph

- Each body paragraph should start with a topic sentence. This tells the reader about the content of each paragraph.

- Use transitions to link to the previous paragraph. This will help your writing to flow.


- The final paragraph of your essay should tie all the important points in your essay together and draw a final conclusion for the reader.

- It should leave the reader with a clear understanding of the essay topic.


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Bloghology Update

I have been quite busy due to compilation of Bloghology for the last three days. Frankly speaking, i did not expect so many participants which resulted in approx. 16,000 words, 90,000 characters, and 200+ links to edit! I am almost blind now!

But the outcome is satisfactory. So far, so good.

I have created a Google Group for the first edition participants of Bloghology. I share the draft of 2007 Bloghology with the participants. We will discuss how to promote and highlight the first edition of Bloghology all together. I am quite sure our brainstormings will produce amazing ideas for Bloghology.

I want Bloghology to be a perfect representation of all the participants (including me!), that is why i changed my mind, and decided to finetune the first edition. I am not a perfectionist, but Bloghology is very important for me and for the other participants.

I need a few days to finalize 2007 Bloghology. Please be patient; i am sure you will like it!


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  • Courtney Tuttle wrote a good post titled How To Get Worthless Adsense Clicks. If you are looking for a clever way of increasing your Adsense income, then you should try what Courtney says. He describes the term Adsense Smart Pricing, and why you should reverse Adsense Smart Pricing to increase your Adsense income.
  • Case Stevens has published a good post titled How To Become Successful Fast In 2008 . I found his point of view very interesting and enjoyed when reading the post. Case runs Affordable Internet Marketing, where he wants to help you as much as possible with your Internet marketing efforts.

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Bloghology Update

I am pleased to let you know that despite some delays due to missing biographies and interviews of some participants, i will make the first edition of Bloghology ready by the end of this week.

It was an amazing experience for me to meet and make interviews with great bloggers all around the world. I feel like i am blessed during this experience. I am quite sure you will also be delighted when you read their profiles and interviews.

If you missed the first edition, don’t worry; Bloghology will continue each and every quarter. However, i am sure when the first edition is circulated around the Blogosphere, the number of candidates will skyrocket! Be prepared for the competition! We need to be more selective for the 2nd edition and onwards.

I will address how to increase the impact of Bloghology in another post. If all participants actively promote Bloghology, i am sure we can easily reach 10,000 downloads/circulation by the end of January.

Without a team play it is not possible to reach those levels. Therefore i will build up a forum or a mail group so that all participants come together, and brainstorm on promotion and marketing of Bloghology. I will let you know when it is ready.

I spend so much time on this project. If i see that we rock together with the first edition, i will be one of the happiest persons in this world. Enjoy!


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As i summarized in How I Quadrupled My Blog’s Traffic In 3 Months, 2007 was a very successful year for Search For Blogging. My blog finished Dec 2007 at around 5500 visits, and an average of around 350 visitors a day. However, this is just the beginning for this blog. I have very ambitious targets for 2008. You may find them herebelow:

  • Number of Visits per day
    • By the end of 1st Qtr 2008, i aim to hit 1000 visits per day. By the end of 2008, the number of visits are targetted as 2000 visits per day.
  • Number of RSS Subscribers
    • By the end of 1st Qtr 2008, i aim to have 350 RSS readers in average per day. By the end of 2008, the number of RSS subscribers are targetted as 1000.
  • Technorati Rank
    • By the end of 2008 i want Search For Blogging to be in top 5000 list of Technorati.
  • Alexa Rank
    • By the end of 2008, i want Search For Blogging to be in top 5000 list of Alexa.
  • Monetization & Steady Income
    • By the end of 2008, i aim to earn USD 1000 from my blog each and every month
  • Advertise Page
    • By the end of 1st Qtr 2008, Advertising page will be up and running. I knew that without good traffic, having an advertising page in my blog was not a clever idea. That is why i aim to hit 1000 visits per day by the end of 1st Qtr, and then create an advertising page.
  • Bloghology
    • First edition of Bloghology will be published in Jan 2008. I want to create one Bloghology every quarter in 2008.
  • Networking & Community
    • By the end of 2007 i reached to 100 daily RSS subscribers, and a very good network of bloggers. I want to grow this network in 2008.
  • Aweber & Newsletter
    • I signed up with Aweber, and currently working on a newsletter. I aim to publish a newsletter every week by the end of 1st Qtr 2008.

These are my humble targets for 2008. Now i wonder about your 2008 Goals, what are your goals for 2008?


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  • Did you know that it is possible to post in advance by WordPress? You can easily set your own working schedule. For example you can work hard from Monday to Friday, and then post in advance at weekends. The good thing is you don’t need to login to WordPress and publish your posts. It is extremely easy to post for the future:
    • Write your post, select the categories and tags. Do not click on publish yet.
    • On the right hand side you will see Post Timestamp menu.
    • Click the box called Edit Timestamp and then set the exact time and date you want to publish your post.
    • Click Publish.
    • Your post will now display at the exact time and date that you setup under your post timestamp.
  • Comment Relish is a great plugin i use. It increases your readership and RSS subscription rate by simply sending a short ‘thank you’ message to users when they first comment on your blog. This is a good way of welcoming your first time visitors. I highly recommend you to install this plugin if you haven’t done already.
  • If you are fairly new to WordPress, there is a free reference guide which you should refer. WordPress Web 2.0 Guide is a great source for WordPress beginners. If you follow the steps written in this guide, it is likely that you will have your WordPress blog up and running in a couple of days.
  • There is one more free report for WordPress beginners. How to Become a WordPress Expert Overnight The title looks ambitious, but it is really possible to get familiar with the main concepts with this free report.

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