TwTip:Discover Awesome Tips on Twitter

Today I would like to introduce an awesome Twitter tool developed by two clever, and young Turkish people. TwTip is developed by Baturalp Torun (, and designed by Eren Emre Kanal ( It is a handy tool designed for Twitter users to find out awesome tips that are shared by other Twitter users. It is for everyone who is hungry for quality knowledge. I have been using it since it has been launched early this week.

The idea behind TwTip is simple, yet brilliant. The developers created a bot which fetches all the latest tweets and picks the best valuable tips. You can easily find tweet tips in any subject, like Photoshop, Apple, Google and even cooking or health. It is very simple to get random tweets with Shake it up feature. Trending topics let you to find what’s hot on

You may also follow TwTip tweets : TwTip has been launched this week , and the brain team is looking forward to receive your feedback and suggestions. You may send an email to hello @


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