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Happy Holidays Backgrounds by

Back in December 2008 I posted How To Create A Custom Twitter Background. Basically it was a step by step tutorial for creating a custom Twitter background.  I received very positive feedback on the post since then. It became so popular that many bloggers commented on or linked to it. When you Google “custom twitter background“,  you can find it on the first page now. When I wrote this post, the idea of offering custom Twitter background design was at the beginning stage. In accordance with the popularity of Twitter, there are almost thousands of online and offline custom twitter background  designers. Which one is the best?

After having checked various online and offline custom Twitter background designers, my choice is Let me tell you why I prefer them.

In addition to problogging I  provide social media consultancy for my customers. When I have so many customers who are desperately seeking for a custom Twitter background at the same time (such as Christmas holiday!), it creates trouble for me. Even though I can design custom Twitter background, timewise it is not a wise decision to do all designs manually by myself. On the other hand, not all customers are ready for paying high prices such as $100 or $250 for a custom Twitter design. When looking for an easy and quick solution, I discovered

During Christmas rush, I was so happy to discover their  Happy Holidays Backgrounds service which let me install custom Twitter backgrounds to my customer via their website merely by entering their Twitter userids/passwords and uploading their photos in just about 5 minutes. You have two options; You can either install a free happy holidays background (see my Twitter background) or have a personalized one for as low as 4.95$.

They also design professional looking Twitter backgrounds for $250. These are really helpful for branding.

Benefits of a Custom Twitter Background

  • A custom Twitter background immediately legitimizes your Twitter profile.
  • You can build your brand and your Twitter presense with an attractive and informational custom Twitter background.
  • It let users know exactly who you are, and earn the trust of your followers easily above other Twitter profiles and competitors.

Visit today and change your Twitter background with one of their Happy Holidays Backgrounds. Your Twitter followers will see the difference and you will have lots of fun. Happy holidays!



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  2. Wish you a very happy new year.

  3. thank you…. now i am understand that change twitter background is important

  4. Just a quick comment out there for all trying to do their own Twitter background – use a 1600 x 1200 photo, click the Tile button on Twitter and upload. While I've used some Twitter Backgrounds, I've found it's just as easy to make my own from the photos I've taken. ~ Daryl

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