I have been telling you about my success story as a Blog Mastermind Mentoring program graduate. When compared to Alborz Fallah,  I have done nothing yet! Alborz Fallah is a previous student of Blog Mastermind and is in charge of, a blog recently valued at $5 MILLION dollars!

Yaro Starak has recently made a podcast interview with Alborz Fallah about his success story. If you are still in doubt whether you should join Blog Mastermind or not, I am sure you will decide joining after listening to this podcast.

Briefly during the podcast Alborz Fallah is telling you about:

  • How to optimize and increase your search engine traffic by making little changes
  • Why should you think big with your blog
  • You can still build an internet business with part time blogging
  • Why should you join a Blog mentoring program

Listen to the podcast by clicking here: Alborz Fallah Interview – Million Dollar Blogger


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Click here to watch The Conversion Blogging Video

As I mentioned before several times I am one of the first graduates of Yaro Starak’s Blog Mastermind Mentoring program. Search For Blogging was just a baby when I first joined the program. I improved my blogging significantly under the supervision of Yaro Starak. Let me tell you more about my short blogging history.

Those Were the Days My Friend…

I was just another blogger from Dec 2006 till Sep 2007. I was using Take a look at my blog at that time : Meeting-Continents. I used to write paid reviews from PayPerPost, Reviewme, Smorty etc. with that blog. I was making $20-30 per day with paid reviews. On the other hand I was writing about my lovely city Istanbul.

Even though I was making good money, I realized that writing paid reviews was taking so much time. I had no time left for social life. I was working for a full time job, and then at nights I was chasing for paid review opportunities to write. I started to think about smarter ways to make money online before it is too late.

I was so lucky that I somehow got an invitation from Yaro Starak for his mentoring program. At that time I knew little about Yaro. I started reading his blog before giving my final decision.

How I Decide to Join?

I found what Yaro wrote on his blog very valuable. His English was crystal clear, and his posts were very informative. I decided to write him an email to know him better.

He responded very quickly, and told me more about his program. I trusted him. I decided to sign up with Blog Mastermind in August 2007.

The lessons were coming to my email address on weekly basis. Yaro wanted his students to take some action in every week. It was not a one way communication. Yaro honestly told us that there is no easy way to make money online.

When I look back, I can clearly see that what Yaro was also trying to achieve a positive mind-shift with his program. He is indeed a very good motivator and teacher.

I finished Blog Mastermind in January 2008. The program totally changed my ideas about blogging. I learned  blogging concepts from A to Z, improved my blog writing and online marketing skills, developed very good relationships with other bloggers. In addition to them, I found my role in the Blogosphere.

My Blog’s Performance After Joining Blog Mastermind

Within less than a year Search For Blogging achived a good performance after I joined Blog Mastermind:

  • Technorati Rank  : 35,000 (I expect to finish the year within 20K)
  • Alexa Rank           :  66,957 (End year target is within 50K)
  • RSS                        :  565 + and increasing

As a Blog Mastermind graduate, now I know that it is not impossible to become a problogger if you follow a very well written road map. All you need is dedication, hardworking, and a mentor like Yaro Starak to guide you.

Return of the Blog Mastermind

Yaro Starak will be launching the new Blog Mastermind mentoring program for people who want to earn a full time income from blogging part time by 29th of July, 2008.

The program is  $97 a month over 6 months or $497 upfront for all the training. You get direct access to your own blog mentor, plus all kinds of audios, videos and e-lessons to help you make money from your own blog.

Watch the latest video of Yaro Starak regarding the Blog Mastermind program:

Conversion Blogging Video

Let me know If you decide to join. I will be more than happy to assist you when giving your final decision as a graduated member of the Blog Mastermind.


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Key to Success


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Blogging Wars - WordPress Vs Blogger

Back in 2007 I installed a Popularity Contest plugin to monitor my blog’s most popular posts. It enables ranking of your posts by popularity. Now its time to announce my most popular posts so far according to this plugin:

  1. How I Quadrupled My Blog’s Traffic In 3 Months
  2. Blogging Wars – WordPress Vs Blogger
  3. The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Podcasting
  4. How to Apply Starbucks Experience To Blogging
  5. Survive From Financial Crisis by Make Money Blogging
  6. Blogging Makes Money
  7. Make Money Online From Your Photography
  8. How To Advertise With Your RSS Feeds
  9. Blog Mastermind – Season 2
  10. How To Become A WordPress Expert in A Few Hours

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Learn & Lead


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If you are looking for some extra income, paid blogging may have some good luck for you. Yet many people does not know where to start from. In this post I would like to introduce you my favorite websites/blogs where I can find daily blogging job announcements.

Problogger is managed by Darren Rowse, in other words the king of making money online blogs. I usually see a lot of jobs in his job board. You should always keep an eye on this site if you aim to make money by blogging.

This is one of my favorites. You will find a lot of blogging jobs posted and categorized according to their topics.

This is indeed a very big community. Blogging jobs are blended with some good blogging tips&hints.

Updated twice a week. Another great place to start paid blogging.

You will find a very good collection of blogging jobs here.

If you are looking for long term blogging projects, then you should regularly check this forum. It is one of my favorites.


If you aim to make money online with paid blogging, start with these websites/blogs. Subscribe to their RSS feeds, and check at least once in a day. Always create good content for your blog to have an advantage in this game. Do not forget: big brothers are watching you!

Want More Blogging Tips?

Fill out the form below to join my blog tips newsletter and get a free copy of ” Become A Problogger “!

I take your privacy seriously. I never sell your email address to spammers.


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