Using Card Decks To Sell Your Business

ucdOne-Step or Two-Step Conversion? The Three Rules of Card Decks A two-step conversion – that is, using the medium to get an inquiry, not to try for an immediate sale – is usually the best use for a card. That point illustrates both strength and weakness. The strength lies in The First Rule of Card Decks: Make response a no-brainer. If you object to this Rule, consider: The individual flipping through the deck probably has just looked at another card and is about to look at another card. A challenge is out of order. (Replace the urge to challenge with adherence to The Second Rule, coming up.) Typical skimming time, depending on which expert you’re quoting, is one to three seconds. If you want to stop a skimmer cold, cleave to The Second Rule of Card Decks: Make a powerful…
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Category Management – Stock Your Deck With Aces

cmCategory management can provide a new view of the trading card category. “In the pre-category management world, most grocery accounts probably just dabbled in our category,” says Brochhausen. “They put some cards in the candy racks or locked them up at the courtesy desk. When you do that, it’s difficult to sell cards. You turn a box every two to three months, if that. Our category responds to high-traffic locations. Everybody makes the same claim, but this category really does. It’s a high-margin, high-dollar profit ring category. The average pack of cards can turn anywhere from $1 to $2 in profit ring.” The challenge, he says, is in the merchandising of the product and keeping up with the number of brands. “Inventory management has really become the biggest challenge for most of the retailers,” Brochhausen says. To address these inventory…
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The Crazy Internet Gambling Scene

igsIt’s a new and interesting time for law makers who are looking at how to regulate the application of information technology. Since online gambling has become one of the more lucrative applications of e-commerce, and the gambling industry has traditionally been highly regulated, it is one of the first Internet-related issues to be tackled by legislators.

Before we look at the legalities in Australia, let’s take a quick look at the US online gambling situation at the moment. If you follow US technology news you would have heard of the Kyl bill, a proposal driven by Arizona senator Jon Kyl to ban Internet gambling, for US citizens at least. In July the US Senate voted 90-10 to ban Internet gambling in America. The bill has not progressed any further, though; it missed out on approval in the last US legislative session for 1998 due to delays. Kyl, who has said Internet gambling is breeding crime, has vowed to fight on for the bill next year.

Aside from the Kyl bill, online gambling in the US is complicated by differing state laws regarding gambling. A case last year saw the state of Minnesota (where gambling is illegal) suing a businessman in Nevada (where gambling is legal) who intended to set up an online betting site. According to Don Phelps, head of Loud3r, a web company consultant, the Web site had advertised its new service would be a “`legal way’ to bet on sports from anywhere in the country”, C-NET reported. A lawsuit Read more

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Trading Cards Had A Sell By Date No One Was Ready For

obbSky Box’ nonsports cards are rapidly growing in popularity. In fact, some 50% of its product line is now in the nonsports category–including a set of 85 Aladdin cards, which will be introduced in April. And the firm’s Star Trek and Marvel Series cards are currently hot-sellers. While baseball remains No. 1 in sports trading cards, basketball has shown tremendous growth in recent years. “Basketball was the shining star of the industry in 1992, due in large part to the hoopla surrounding the Olympic Dream Team,” says an Action Packed spokeswoman. “Conversely, football took a hit last year, as NFL Properties’ lawsuit against the Professional Football Players Association resulted in many star players not being available.” Action Packed focuses on football and auto racing cards, as well as Hall of Fame baseball and basketball series. Its latest basketball series, which…
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Looking At The Mega Peak And Dastardly Lows Of Cards

mpClients include companies that produce cards for large numbers of salespeople, actors and models wanting their attributes and credits singularly circulated. “One job,” says Bouton, “was for the Midwest Breeders Association. It featured stud bulls along with their |stats. He adds that physicians, dentists and other professionals use the card device to “disseminate credentials without appearing to be ostentatious. Baseball cards are an unpretentious, yet effective, means of getting people to know more about each other; a real communications icebreaker.” Not all cards serve the same purpose. Recently, a government watchdog group in Pennsylvania produced and distributed pictures and voting scores of each member of the state legislature. Many of the most ardent collectors were the elected officials themselves, trying to round up their own cards before they were circulated to the public. Many small printers are asked to print…
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How Do I Stop Snoring?

hdissYou can actually start snoring if you are seriously obese; getting rid of the extra weight could stop the snoring. Because of this fact, many women, meanwhile, start snoring in the last stages of pregnancy. There are a number of stop snoring products on the market that can be used to stop the problem, and mouthpieces are a key one. Another cause of snoring is being very tired before retiring to bed; for that reason it is important to unwind with some Yoga or Pilates. Also, avoid taking sleeping pills before going to bed as they can contribute to snoring.

More Causes!

Muscles relax as one ages; this can contribute to some cases of sleep apnea. Toning up your neck muscles can eliminate this big bedroom issue. A snoring pillow, as an example, supports neck muscles for a good night rest. Additionally, there are a number of other devices that can stop snoring when used before bed.

If you have the money, have a sleep study done to establish the cause of your snoring. Heavy consumption of alcohol before bed can also be a key cause. Colds, flu and other allergies could also be the causes. Therefore, get treatment for these conditions for a snore-free night. Read more

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