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Have you ever dreamed of commanding the Web quite naturally as if you are chatting with a friend? Ubiquity, the new experimental Firefox extension,  gives you a powerful new way to interact with the Web.

How it Works?

You are used to tell Firefox where you want to go by typing the Web addresses into the URL bar. Now its time to tell what you want to do with Ubiquity. Just type built-in commands to tell Firefox what you want to do including sending an email to one of your contacts, or searching a term on the Web.

How to Add Ubiquity to Your Firefox?

  • First install Ubiquity
  • Once you are done, you can start Ubiquity by tapping option-space on the Mac, or control-space if you’re on Windows. Linux is not supported at the moment.
  • You’ll then be presented with a transparent black box, with a blinking white cursor, in the upper-left of your browser.
  • You can start giving Ubiquity a command by typing something in here and then hitting the Enter key.

Some Ubiquity Commands:

  • Search Wikipedia : just type “wikipedia xxxxxxx” where xxxx is the term to be searched
  • Send an email to one of your contacts : type “email xxxxx” where xxxx is the name of your contact
  • Let’s imagine you have found an interesting quote in one of the Web pages while surfing, and wanted to share it with one of your friends by sending an email. You are free to select part of the page, including pictures, links, or anything else, and then send it to your friend as email. In that case you need to type “email this to xxxxx” where xxxx is the name of your contact. Simply amazing!
  • Find a map : Imagine you are going to arrange a job interview session for 100 people, and you want to insert a map for easy access of the candidates.  In that case you need to type type out the address you want to map, then select it and issue “map”. In the preview, you’ll see a thumbnail-size map of the area (from Google Maps).  Then you can click the “insert map in page” link to insert the map into your email. So easy!
  • You can get the complete list of commands here:


It is one of the most exciting and promising Firefox extensions I have ever used. Easy to use, and huge time saver. A must have for Firefox lovers.


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Many modern mobile phones come Internet-ready. How about your blog? Does your blog ready for mobile phones?  You need to make sure you have a mobile-friendly version of your blog for maximum coverage. But how? With Ubik you can create a mobile friendly version of your blog in a few simple steps.

How To Work It Out

  • Go to Ubik
  • On the opening page you will find some examples of sites created with Ubik.
  • You should click on a thumbnail to open the web emulator.
  • This will allow you to see how the site can be browsed when it goes live.
  • Start adding your own content to the pages.
  • Switch between pages using the panel on the left.
  • When finished, click to publish.
  • Register with the site, activate your account
  • Finish the publish process
  • You will be delivered a URL where it is hosted.

Bearing in mind millions of people connect Internet via their mobile phones, every serious blogger should consider having a mobile-friendly version of his/her blog. Ubik is a handy tool to manage your mobile-friendly version of your blog.


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What’s next in Blogging? I have been thinking about this question for so long time. So long time that I grabbed domain.  I think I found some answers during RiaTalks (Rich Internet Applications and Web 2.0 Conference in Istanbul) while watching Intel presentation.

First, lets start with some interesting Internet figures I noted during Intel presentation. Today every second:

  • 2 new blogs are launched
  • 4 cell phones and 7 personal computer are sold
  • 1200 videos are uploaded to YouTube
  • 11.000 songs are shared
  • 2 million e-mails are being sent
  • 500.000 people meet Internet for the first time

These are amazing figures. I did not know that there are so many people with no Internet connection all around the globe.

Intel estimates 20% of the computer market will be dominated by Nettops, Netbooks, and Mobile Internet Devices by 2011.

What is Nettop and Netbook?

Nettop is a term introduced by Intel to describe “low-cost” desktop devices. Examples are the Koolu, the ASUS Eee Box, the Linutop, the Zonbu, and the gPC and gPC mini by Everex. It has a counterpart called Netbook.

“Netbooks are “small laptops that are designed for wireless communication and access to the Internet. And they cost about $250, making Netbooks a potentially disruptive and high volume market segment. Even though Netbooks won’t be confused with full-featured laptops, my hunch is that tons of people around the world will be attracted to a low-cost machine that plugs them in. The Netbook will expand the global PC market. By how much is a matter of conjecture.”

Paul Bergevin, Thoughts on Netbooks

Next in Blogging: Connectivity and Lifestreaming

As the number of mobile Internet devices increase, the number of bloggers will also increase. Most bloggers will be connecting Internet via these machines in a few years time. Connectivity will become vital for bloggers. Honestly none of these devices are appropriate for blogging at this moment. We may see new blogging applications developed for these machines in a few years time.

Lifestreaming is an online record of a person’s daily activities, either via direct video feed or via aggregating the person’s online content such as blog posts, social network updates, and online photos. We may expect an increase in lifestreaming style of blogging during this period.


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Back in 2008 July, I posted What Is Next For Bloghology and told you that something big is going to happen with the name Bloghology. Now it is time tell you some information regarding this top secret blogging project:

  • Bloghology is going to be the only printed/online/digital magazine for bloggers, writers and Blogging Industry.
  • Bloghology will be published every quarter with 40,000+ copies.
  • We have just signed a deal with We will be distributing our Special Edition during the expo/conference (2500 copies total) including media coverage form the biggest media agencies.
  • Our mission is to add value to bloggers and advertisors. In every issue bloggers will find the most interesting blogging topics like Make Money blogging to SEO tips, whereas the advertisors will find an environment to promote their products.
  • Sponsors will find a platform to expose their company to a unique targeted audience in three different media
  • Annual subscription is going to be EURO 20 for Europe, EURO 30 for USA.

I will send a more detailed coverage of Bloghology very soon. Please keep on watching us!


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Did you know that CarbonCopyPRO Unveils its new Online Marketing System and Business In-A-Box (BiB) For Internet Entrepreneurs? I have recently found this news at MakeMoneyOnlineProvenSystems.

What does this new platform offer to Internet Entrepreneurs?

• Personal and professionally built online marketing system and websites.
• Professional call center to assist with closing sales.
• Unlimited email, toll-free, and live chat support.
• Daily marketing and mindset training via conference calls and webinars.
• Access to their members only forum.
• Monthly CarbonCopyPRO newsletter.
• Nine powerful income streams including $200 on every ‘BiB your system sells.
• A one year membership to a powerful product line for your CarbonCopyPRO system.

If you are interested in, you can get your CarbonCopyPRO Business In A Box Now!


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The 2008 BlogWorld & New Media Expo will take place September 20-21 in Las Vegas, USA. It is definitely one of the events which every serious blogger should consider joining. I would like to share some important blogging statistics which I found at Blog World & New Media Expo website:


These numbers are amazing. Blogging industry is on the rise.  If you think you lost your chance to succeed in blogging because you are too late, you may fail. The gold rush has just began! Do your best and have your share in this ever-increasing giant industry. If you can afford, join events like Blog World Expo, meet leaders of blogging industry in person, and learn the latest trends in blogging.


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