The Future of Blogging – Predictions for 2009

Some people say the blogging is dead, and we are living in the era of microblogging. Actually, microblogging helps busy people join the conversation while they are on the move, share their ideas, and build a community. Every microblogger is a potential blogger. I see the future of blogging very bright. I share my predictions for 2009 and onwards in this post.

  • More Interactivity: Blogs will become more and more interactive. Videos will play an import role in this. Bloggers will learn how to capture fancy-looking and professional videos to differentiate themselves in the blogosphere.
  • Customization: How about creating various landing pages for different types of visitors? There will be major improvements in blogging platforms which will let your readers customize the way your blog looks.
  • Mobile Blogging: Bearing in mind the increase in smartphones which are coming with pre-installed blogging type software, the major growth will be in mobile blogging. Did you know that WordPress has released a version for the iPhone a few months ago so that the people on the move could blog? For more predictions on mobile blogging and Google’s reaction to this take a look at Predictions for Google’s 2009
  • Make Money Blogging: Blogging makes money. The financial crisis in the world caused many well-educated and smart people lose their jobs. This will continue rising in 2009. Many of them will try making money online with blogs. Thus the number of blogs, and bloggers will continue growing. Also the competition in the make money blogs segment will be fierce.
  • Companies will discover blogging: During the financial crisis, even the giant companies had to cut their marketing and advertising costs. They will discover blogging as a very cheap, effective, and creative way of promoting their services and products. Look how HubSpot’s blog is getting much more links and traffic than their website: Combine SEO, Blogging, and Social Media for Results – Part 1
  • Work together: Sites like CollabFinder will make working together a lot easier for bloggers. Bloggers will be looking for partners to become big. Especially the probloggers will work together to cope with the fierce competition in make money with blogs segment.
  • Building a community: Blogging is all about telling stories and connecting like minded people. The bloggers who are capable of building a community will become more popular and successful in 2009.
  • Bloggers meet SEO: Ever increasing traffic and ranking competition in the blogosphere will force bloggers re-discover SEO and SEO tools. Hard times for crab SEO tools producers. This time it won’t be easy for you to cheat bloggers with your ordinary products. Many SEO tools will be replaced by better and more sofisticated, yet cheaper ones.
  • Blog Ethics & Rules: As the number of blogs and bloggers increase, the blogging ethics will become much more important in 2009. Miguel Wickert has already started writing the rules. See Blog Ethics: Rule 1- NO DAMN POP-UPS!( I hate those damn pop-ups too!)

These are my predictions for 2009. How do you see the future of blogging? Please share by leaving a comment to this post.



  1. Thanks for the prediction. I hate pop-ups too though I have one for every first time visitor because it increases the opt-in rate. :)

    What u said is right. Im hoping the same. Blogging should rock.

  3. As you have rightly pointed out videos will play a major role. Reading is not favored by many. So audio, video content and images in blogs will be used to make blogs sticky.

    Micro blogging will gain ground and videos in micro bits of focused information will become popular.

    Instead of running around social sites bloggers will convert their blogs into social hubs. The biggest crowd pullers will be profitable. New ways of getting visitors to the blogs and helping them hang out longer will have to be thought of.

    New rules of SEO optimization are being set which web designers and WordPress bloggers will have to keep in mind.

    Webinars will take the place of physical seminars and teleseminars. To cut the cost in this economic downtime more and more people will turn to webinars. Webinars with integrated VOIP are increasingly being preferred over teleseminars.

  4. I agree with you, I feel blogging is going to increase by thousands. With so many needing help to pay bills and things people are going to turn to the internet. I also feel it will be a year that people will strife to get a handle on their finances. That is why I love the tool that I offer. The company that produces this tool moto is to get every American out of debts that wants to be debt free. I think 2009 we will see most Americans trying to get a handle on their finances and an increase in people needing help.

  5. Mert

    First, nice evaluation and expectations of the blogosphere. Second, thanks for the mention in your article. :)

    Companies discovering blogging and so on; I also see this happening, I’m sure some all ready are in the grind but others are slow at adjusting or taking new trends in technology because many of their employees are older, not willing to learn and outdated. Has anyone seen a company effectively use a blog or social networking
    site? I mean, a big experienced company not a recent start up.

    As far as blogging rules, people hate pop-ups but use them for whatever reason. Why do we insist on putting others through hurdles we ourselves despise? :) Stumbled and reviewed!


  6. Hi Mert,

    I think in 2009 blogs will be categorized more, there will be text blogs, image blogs, and video blogs, which will help end users choose what kind of content they want to encounter.

  7. people are using micro blogs like twitter to popularize their blogs.
    how can we say that blogging is dead :)

  8. Yes I to believe blogging will continue to grow possibly even faster than it already has. Two big points you have made here are interactivity and community I think these are key points to the increase in the blogging success.

    Thanks for the great insight


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