What’s Next In Blogging?


What’s next in Blogging? I have been thinking about this question for so long time. So long time that I grabbed www.whatsnextinblogging.com domain.  I think I found some answers during RiaTalks (Rich Internet Applications and Web 2.0 Conference in Istanbul) while watching Intel presentation.

First, lets start with some interesting Internet figures I noted during Intel presentation. Today every second:

  • 2 new blogs are launched
  • 4 cell phones and 7 personal computer are sold
  • 1200 videos are uploaded to YouTube
  • 11.000 songs are shared
  • 2 million e-mails are being sent
  • 500.000 people meet Internet for the first time

These are amazing figures. I did not know that there are so many people with no Internet connection all around the globe.

Intel estimates 20% of the computer market will be dominated by Nettops, Netbooks, and Mobile Internet Devices by 2011.

What is Nettop and Netbook?

Nettop is a term introduced by Intel to describe “low-cost” desktop devices. Examples are the Koolu, the ASUS Eee Box, the Linutop, the Zonbu, and the gPC and gPC mini by Everex. It has a counterpart called Netbook.

“Netbooks are “small laptops that are designed for wireless communication and access to the Internet. And they cost about $250, making Netbooks a potentially disruptive and high volume market segment. Even though Netbooks won’t be confused with full-featured laptops, my hunch is that tons of people around the world will be attracted to a low-cost machine that plugs them in. The Netbook will expand the global PC market. By how much is a matter of conjecture.”

Paul Bergevin, Thoughts on Netbooks

Next in Blogging: Connectivity and Lifestreaming

As the number of mobile Internet devices increase, the number of bloggers will also increase. Most bloggers will be connecting Internet via these machines in a few years time. Connectivity will become vital for bloggers. Honestly none of these devices are appropriate for blogging at this moment. We may see new blogging applications developed for these machines in a few years time.

Lifestreaming is an online record of a person’s daily activities, either via direct video feed or via aggregating the person’s online content such as blog posts, social network updates, and online photos. We may expect an increase in lifestreaming style of blogging during this period.



  1. Mert,

    Would applications such as friendfeed be considered something like lifestreaming?

    I have all my feeds aggregated there and every time I post anything or bookmark or Twitter, it picks it up and drops it in my feed. It’s a whole different animal than facebook and myspace, and I really like it better. It also has a mix of Twitter plus Quotably and it works better than those two I think.


  2. Connectivity seems to be the point. I suggest that being live is a trend with being connected is a precondition. A couple of live applications for blogging came up lately like Cover it Live and Six Groups and of course Twitter. Another interesting thing is personal broadcasting from cams and mobile phones. Speed has always been a characteristic of reporting.

  3. great read. i can’t believe how many people meet each other off of the internet every 2 seconds.


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