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  • I would like to start this week with an announcement. I am glad to inform you that my review has been qualified to final round of the Best Ruff PC Review contest by The Thinking Blog. There are only 5 reviews left for the final round. One of them is John Chow’s. The prize is a good quality laptop. Last week John Chow told his readers that if they vote on him, he will give the laptop to one of them. The laptop, has no special meaning for me. I am trying to prove a small blogger can still compete against a big blogger if he develops a good network of amazing bloggers all around the globe, like you. Therefore i will appreciate if you vote for me:POLL: Vote For the Best Ruff PC Review (and Video) – Final Round!
  • One year ago, when i discovered blogging, there were only a few blogs i monitor daily. Getting Out of Debt, written by Supermom, was one of them. She has posted PayPerPlay: Get Paid for Your Traffic! which you should take note of. PayPerPlay seems to be a new breakthrough in making money from blogging. I signed up already to test it. If it is worth signing up, i will surely let you know.
  • Probably you have already seen his face through his Entrecard image (on the right hand side, close to the bottom)on my blog. Stephan Miller is a great blogger. I suggest you to read his last blog post Looking at Links
  • Sun Tzu lovers this is for you. David Kam has published Art of War Poem e-book. The book is completely free, easy to read, and inspirational. I liked it.


  1. Thanks for the live love and compliment.

  2. Mert Erkal

    @Stephan: you are always welcome. you have a really nice blog.

  3. Mert I have voted for you and wish you the best, and it does not matter if you win or loose but you have proven a point and i hope as a small blogger even i can build my network soon.

    Wish You a Happy New Year 2008

  4. Have voted for you as well – all the best


  5. Whatever it is with John Chow… Voted for you!

    Abhinav Sood | Inspirit Blog

  6. Best of Luck in this New Year; I voted for you.

  7. Voted for you!
    Good luck in competition.

  8. Sure!, why can`t a small blogger compite against a bigger?!.
    Best of the luck for you.
    Sincerely, rolo ridder from Argentina. Keep your work at this blog.

  9. upss! I just view the poll. therefore you are a competetive blogger!. Success for your life!!


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